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I'm a Georgia native, who moved to the Pittsburgh region back in 2010. I quickly fell in love with the area and settled down in the small town of Sewickley.

While I'm an IT professional by day, I've long enjoyed photography as a hobby and a tangible outlet for my creative side. After moving to Pittsburgh, I found daily inspiration in Pittsburgh’s architecture and rich culture and started capturing the sights I saw every day while working downtown. From there I branched out to seek out new areas to capture in iconic Western Pennsylvania landmarks like Carrie Furnace and Falling Water. I enjoyed exploring the area for the first time and as I shared my photos I enjoyed others reactions to the unique views I presented them with.

My love of photography grew with every photograph I took and shared. Eventually my photos captured the attention of other interested parties and my family and friends encouraged me to turn push on my talents and turn the hobby into a business.

I started ‘Photo-Q’ semi-officially back in early 2012 after sharing working through a number of web outlets (Facebook, Tumblr, Google+…) and having more positive feedback than I ever thought possible. For me it is an ever changing work in progress. Through most of 2012 I was networking more than I was getting paid to shoot. Since then, I've photographed several events for the local and regional community and have been able to work with several businesses in the area to expand my skillset and portfolio. My work has been published in local magazines, distributed via national news wire, and featured on the walls of many businesses and homes.

All images and content found on this site are produced by me and are for sale as prints, digital downloads, and are protected by copyright © Photo-Q, all rights reserved.

For questions, please feel free to contact me at and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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